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By:    On: 2016-10-10
Greetings InsaneScouter’s,

First, I wanted to thank you for being a part of InsaneScouter. I founded the site in 1996, as a way to learn, experiment and grow my coding skills. Wow, has InsaneScouter grown past that!

This email is mostly an update about InsaneScouter and how things are going with me.

From a technical stand point, InsaneScouter is getting old, decrepit, and slow. A major overhaul is needed to clean up the code, bring the design up to par, add content, and more. There are hundreds of tasks that need to be worked on, see examples on the right. I am proud to announce that I have already started working on these tasks.

For Example: I have started cleaning the site up and simplifying the design, have transfered it a fast server, preparing to make the first major behind the scenes change in 10 years, etc.

On top of that, 3 weeks ago I started a new job as a web developer for a small company, which gives me long term stable hours. What a blessing! It will also allow me to start investing some funds into improving InsaneScouter, again too.

With that said, I could still use your help as I find solid footing again. If you would like to support me and InsaneScouter improvements you can make a donation via paypal.

Another way you can help is by using our Amazon link. It costs you nothing extra, but we get a small commission of anything you buy. Also watch out for the amazon links on social media.

A big Thank You to Eagle Scout Phillip Zedalis, of ServerWarp who donated our new server, which is considerably more powerful and has greater space then the old server.

Also, a Giant Thanks to (camping gear rentals), (Philmont and other High Adventure Trip help), for being awesome long term supporters.

Thank You for being an InsaneScouter! If you ever have any questions or concerns you can always email me at scott {at} or reach out to me on Facebook.

Scott Robertson

Here is a sampling of whats on the task list.
  • Design
    • Remove right side including ads and various boxes
    • Update design to be mobile friendly (responsive)
    • Design a new way to go through content via category maybe using search & eliminate categories from the menu
    • New simple & clean newsletter signup form
    • Reduce ads
  • Backend
    • Remove internal logging system, creating much of the database and server load
    • Go to Google Analytics API for tracking top & worst pages
    • Improve and streamline all code to improve security & make everything faster
  • Content
    • Add more content including games, ceremonies, scoutmaster minuets, crafts, etc
    • Start a scouting history blog series with help of Las Vegas International Scout Museum
    • Contact Councils to ask for Summer camp data for another blog series
    • Column written by Mike Walton
    • Improve downloads and add more items to it
  • Server
    • Set up SSL to have secure version of the site
    • Transfer site to new server 


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