Scott Robertson

Fuzzy and Scout On Knife Safety
By: Posted On: 2011-05-30

Hi all,

It’s your favourite cubbies here. Today we want to speak to you about knife safety, as they can be very dangerous you know. 

The reason we thought we needed to speak to you about it is because of the fact that Baloo cut a piece of his paw off  And now he cannot cut us any salmon as he can’t use his index finger. So a few pieces of advice when using a knife are in order. Even if you are a good chef like Fuzzy. 

1. When using a knife, make sure to always cut away from yourself and not towards yourself.

2. Make sure your knife is clean and sharp, this sounds weird, but a sharp knife leaves a “cleaner” cut if you happen to cut yourself.

3. Only use knifes for the job they are invented for, they are not hammers or axes

4. If needed use protective glove

5. All you youngsters out of there, only use knifes under adult supervision 

We also found this article on the web, so read this: 

Now of course we help Baloo in all his jobs and do dishes for him to keep his paw dry. He promised to take us to our favourite lake when his paw is OK again, so we can go swim and fish for salmon. You know we looooooooove salmon ;) oh and cocoa Scout says. 

Anyway our pups want us to take them for a walk and we have to think about getting our tummies filled as well, so we guess we will see you next time. 

Have fun and stay safe!

Your cuddly friends,
Fuzzy and Scout