By: Posted On: 2010-05-16

I don’t know what the statistic is, but just from watching other Adult Leaders who got involved because their son or daughter wanted to do Scouting the kids seem to stay in the program longer.  Yes, I was one of those parents who went to the first Tiger Cub meeting just to sign my son up.  Walked out as the Den Leader and if I remember correctly the Cubmaster was really happy he didn’t have to twist anyone’s arm to become the leader. 

I have just finished my second year as my sons Wolf Den Leader and when I go to put on my uniform they are running for their rooms for theirs.  I am so happy they are having such a good time as are the other boys in the Den.  I have recruited another Den Leader to help me out and also got some of the parents to hold positions like Song Master, Games Organizer. 

My start into scouting was my Mom being my Den Mother and I really had fun during Cub Scouts.  I have promised my boys I will be there with them as they go through Scouting as an Adult Leader.   So remember, IF YOU LEAD THEY WILL FOLLOW, lead by example, do your Leader training and remember to HAVE FUN.  If you are having fun so will everyone else.