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Flat Stanely's Scout Adventures

Stanley Joins Scouting

Hello I am Joe Parajecki, Cubmaster of Cub Scout Pack 324 in Waterford Wisconsin, USA.

Today, September 18, 2008 we had a very unusual boy Join Scouting. Well, you see he's flat. His name is Stanley and he is very excited about being a Scout. He has already learned the Scout Sign and Promise and he is on his way to his first award.

On September 22 we have invited him to experience his first Den meeting and I will post how that goes for him. Also on September 25 he will go to his first Pack Meeting where he will meet all the rest of the Cubs in his Pack. I will teach him the Grand Howl that night.

Also on the 25th he will get to see a Woodbadge Ceremony, I am earning my Beads, and because Stanley was so excited about Scouts I promised him he could take part in it.

Should be fun working with Stanley this Year I'll keep you posted.

Stanley Joins Scouting
Posted By: Cubmaster Joe and Pack 324 on 2008-10-14

Today was Stanley's First Den Meeting. He is now a member of Den 10.

Tonight his den mates helped Stanley Earn his Bobcat Badge. He learned the Cub Scout Promise and Law. The Cub Scout motto, sign and Hand Shake. He even learned the Webelos means We'll be Loyal Scouts.

He got to lead our Den in the Pledge of Allegience because he was our newest member.

After that we went and learned how to play badminton and we all earned a belt loop for it.

We then went over and had our Snack, Rice Krispie Treats. Stenley loved them but couldn't each much. While we snacked we picked our Denner for next month, it wasn't Stanley this time, but he's excited to get a chance.

(Written by Stanley Tonight) Today was our first Pack meeting and boy did it start off cool. Our Cubmaster had one of his friends bring in his Stock Car (Racing Car) we got to look at it, hear the motor rev up and Al even let us climb in and pretend we were racing. Totally cool

Then we started our Pack meeting with a neat Flag Ceremony which included the Olympic Flag. One of my new leaders collects flags and brings a different one to each Pack Meeting.

Cubmaster Joe taught of of us new Scouts a song

It's a repeat after me song (repeat after me song) like Are you sleeping

Whos my buddy, (whos my buddy), Hey it's you, (hey it's you) I'm so glad you are my friend, (I'm so glad you are my friend) you're the best, (you're the best)

I then saw the leaders pass out hundreds of awards, and everyone clapped hard for the Scouts who earned them. I can't wait until I get my Bobcat.

Just before our meeting ended a man came in the room dressed like Cubmaster joe and dropped a Log on the floor another man put an axe in the log really hard and said I declare this Wood Badge Court of Honor in Session.

This was cool Cubmaster Joe and Leader Dan both got a special award tonight, thier Wood Badge Beads. They said Mr. Joe and Mr. Dan had to do a lot to earn this award and I believe it because there was a lot of Scout Leaders here tonight to give them the award.

I got to go up and help too. I counted 20 leaders I did not Know helping out and Mr. joe and Mr. dan's sons got a special part too. They got to put the beads on thier dads. I got to help with Mr. Joe's.

After the beading we got to eat Cake and Drink Lemonade and play some games.

I can't wait for the next Pack Meeting



Well we had another Den Meeting Last night and this time we did an adventure in Books. We read a story about Stanley (who knew there was a book about him) We also worken on another Flat Stanley we are doing with Cub Scout Packs all over the US.

We even got a chance to write our own Tall Tales and tell everyone the story. Stanleys was really funny but he'll have to share it with you.

Our next Pack meeting is Thursday and we're going on a haunted Hike that the Boy Scouts are doing for us. Hope they don't scare us or Stanley.

Talk to you soon

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