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By: JenFletcher       On: 2012-01-03

In case you're new to Scouting or you've been living under a rock, I would like to announce Pinewood Derby season is officially upon us. My boys' pack handed out their Derby car kits at the holiday party and the boys have been hard at work building their cars. I never realized how many rules and regulations are in place in regards to this fun little race! Sheesh! My daughter, a Daisy Scout, is considerably...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2011-12-28

Hi all,Fuzzy and Scout here, it has been a while but we are still around ;) We hope everyone had a good Turkey day, we know we had as Fuzzy prepared a turkey with salmon stuffing for us. (Actually the stuffing was just minced smoked salmon)But you know it is called thanksgiving. So what are we all thankfull for? We are thankfull for all our friends and all the salmon and cocoa we got...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2011-12-24

Wishing you all a very merry holiday season. May all your wishes come true. But don't for get to take a moment to go sliding around on the ice.Christmas Cheer This poem written by one of my Grandmothers.Crowds of people rushing here and there, A spark of excitement fills the air.Hustling around from place to place, Quick as lightning in the pace.Rich with songs of glory past Tells the story that lasts and lasts.In every...[More]

By: JenFletcher       On: 2011-12-14

The biggest story in the sports world this fall was the child sex abuse scandal that has rocked Penn State athletics. If you’re like me, you’re probably sick of reading the sordid details of this scandal and the breathless condemnations and defenses of the various people involved. So why bring up Penn State in a Scouting context? Because we in Scouting can use this tragedy as a chance to revisit our commitment to youth protection...[More]

By: JenFletcher       On: 2011-12-12

At it's beginning, December brings with it the holiday season. Weather you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Yule, Kwanza or another observance, this time of year typically is bedecked with lights, holly, warm fires and (if you live near me) lots of snow. In my home, we are gearing up for another kind of season – Girl Scout cookie season! My little girl is in her first year of Daisies (the first level of GS, ages 5-7))...[More]

By: JenFletcher       On: 2011-12-05

I am one of those annoying people who will stand in front of the greeting card display every year, trying to make up my mind as to which style really speaks to me and which style will say to others “This card totally represents that family!”. It’s just a silly card, right? If I’m lucky it will be saved or at least recycled, but more than likely it will land in the circular file (trash...[More]

By: JenFletcher       On: 2011-11-28

This weekend I worked with my youngest son on projects for his Craftsman badge in the Mental Skills series. (Unfortunately his brother is sick and couldn't join us.) While I am - if I do say so myself - pretty patient and very handy with tools, my boy is – well let’s just say he was a very excited 9-year-old who had his own hammer. He was very disappointed when I informed him the first...[More]

By: JenFletcher       On: 2011-11-25

If you have been reading my posts you already know both my boys are Webelos and are working toward their Arrow of Light award together. As their mom I want to push the boys to work hard to achieve their goal. I have to fight the urge to constantly remind them to skip playing with their friends and get back to work on whatever their current badge project is. But I know part of being...[More]

By: JenFletcher       On: 2011-11-23

I don’t know about the Scouts in your troop, but the Scouts in my troop are busy—very busy. In order to offer them a little bit of scheduling sanity, we try to practice good time management whenever possible. For example, the troop doesn’t meet on the third Thursday of each month; instead, that night is reserved for patrol leaders’ council meetings and boards of review, freeing up at least one night a month for Scouts...[More]

By: JenFletcher       On: 2011-11-16

I’m sure you’re already well aware of the (legally I have to use the term “alleged” but it sickens me to do so) abuse cases surrounding the assistant coach at Penn State. If not, my apologies but you’ll have to look it up; I’m not going to detail it here. The more I learn about this case the more nauseated I become and the more determined I am to keep my kids and all the...[More]

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