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“Make The Journey As Good As The Destination!”WE ARE A FAMILY OF SCOUTERS!!Blue Sky Adventures is a family business run by a family of experienced Scouters who thoroughly understand the scouting program and what it takes to make a Scout trip safe, successful and lots of fun!Blue Sky Adventures is owned by Mike and Rob Pardue, father and son. Both are passionate about Philmont and share the goal to deliver a top quality experience to all those who entrust us with this important part of their trip. Mike, the founder of Blue Sky Adventures, is a 30 year Scouter, former Scoutmaster of a 75 boy Troop and recipient of many scouting awards including the Silver Beaver. Mike has been to Philmont four times, National Jamboree twice and completely understands the Scouting program and how to make a high adventure trip successful. Rob is an Eagle Scout, three time Philmont trekker and former Philmont ranger. Rob graduated from Boston College, obtained an MBA from Duke University and joined the company in 2005 after a successful career in the financial industry.Phyllis Pardue is the glue that holds the whole thing together! Phyllis and Mike have been married 40 years and have five children, all of whom are involved in the business. Oldest daughter Michelle Aucamp runs the Sea Base tours in Florida. Sons Dan and Jeff, both Eagle Scouts and former Philmont rangers, frequently help out with our New Mexico, Colorado and Florida tours as their schedules allow.