The Antique Map
Posted On: 2021-01-30


While browsing in an Antique Store, a beautiful Map of the World caught the eye of a young father. He purchased the map and all the way home wondered as to where it would most enhance his den. Upon arrival at home, he laid the map on the dining room table and left in search of his pipe, slippers, and the afternoon newspaper.

Arriving home from an afternoon of hard play in the neighborhood, the man’s 8-year-old son spied the map on top of his father’s briefcase. Without asking, he took the map into mom’s sewing room, and using her sewing scissors, the map was soon in shreds. Later, the father discovered his son’s act. After consulting with his wife, the punishment was decided upon. Dad called his son into the room and told him the punishment. "Son, you’ve made a terrible mess of dad’s map. You must take the pieces of the map, along with a roll of tape to your room. You may not come out until the map is completely assembled in a correct fashion exactly as it was before you cut it up."

The boy did as he was instructed and left for his room. Twelve (12) minutes later, the son returned with the map completely assembled and entirely correct. Both parents were amazed at the feat that the eight-year-old had performed, and the father asked his son "How did you finish the job so quickly?"

The son answered his father: "It was simple, dad, on The back of the map was a picture of a boy, and WHEN YOU PUT THE BOY TOGETHER RIGHT, THE WHOLE WORLD COMES OUT OKAY!"