Strong For America
Posted On: 2019-04-18

PERSONNEL: 8 Cub Scouts.

EQUIPMENT: Signs to hold up showing the different types of fitness. Speeches can be written on the back of the signs.

ARRANGEMENT: Cub Scouts line up on stage and one at a time hold up their sign and read their lines.

CUB #1: When we talk about a Cub Scout being strong for America, we usually think of physical fitness and the different ways one can be "fit". In Scouting, we like to talk about five different kinds of fitness.

CUB #2: PHYSICAL FITNESS - Physical fitness means that a Cub Scout develops and keeps his body healthy for a well-rounded life.

CUB #3: MENTAL FITNESS - Mental fitness is the development of our minds, skills, and attitudes.

CUB #4: EMOTIONAL FITNESS - Emotional fitness is the ability to control feelings of fear and anger, to win and lose gracefully and to get along with others.

CUB #5: SOCIAL FITNESS - Social fitness means to work, play, and live happily with others.

CUB #6: SPIRITUAL FITNESS - Spiritual fitness means to know your obligation to God.

CUB #7: These five forms of fitness are what we mean when we say "Scouting rounds a guy out", and makes us all better Americans.

CUB #8: Please rise, give the Cub Scout Sign, and repeat the Cub Scout Promise with me.