Patriotic Closing
Posted On: 2021-01-07


Boys are holding up cards with flags of different countries.  Boys are wearing costumes from other countries.  As each card is turned around, the word America is spelled out.

Narrator:    Here is a recipe that we all should live by--

Cub 1:        1 cup of friendly words
Cub 2:        2 heaping cups of understanding
Cub 3:        2 cups of human kindness
Cub 4:        2 heaping tablespoons of time and patience
Cub 5:        1 dash of gentle humor
Cub 6:        1 pinch of the spice of life
Cub 7:        1 drop of warm personality

Narrator:    Measure words carefully.  Add cups of understanding, to a pint of human kindness.  Stir together time and patience.  Cook very slowly and keep the temperature low so it never boils over.  Season with gentle humor, warm personality, and spice of life.  Serve in individual molds.

We are free in America to worship our own God, vote for whomever we want.  In some countries, these freedoms are not possible.  In some countries being a member of Scouts is forbidden.  Here in America, we are free.  And, "I'm proud to be a member of the Boy Scouts of America." And I hope we can all live with this recipe.