Pair Of Binoculars
Posted On: 2021-01-07


PERSONNEL: Cubmaster and denners. The denners remain in the audience with their respective dens.

EQUIPMENT: A pair of binoculars A flashlight for each denner.

SETTING: Dim the lights in the auditorium. Cubmaster on stage.

CUBMASTER: Did you know that you can look through either end of a pair of binoculars? (Look through the wrong end) When you look this way, everything is very tiny and distant. The binoculars make the view worse instead of better. (Points to the right end) But you can really see a great distance doing it this way (The words "a great distance" is the cue for the denners to turn on their flashlights.)

Know what do I see.

All around the room I see the bright lights of the spirit of Cub Scouting--the kind of spirit that made this country great and will keep it great in the years ahead. Let us all join in singing the prayer for our country called "God Bless America." (Leads the singing.)