More Den Closings
Posted On: 2021-01-07


1) Den Chief retires U.S. flag while boys salute. Den Chief says, "Do Your Best," and the boys respond by shouting "We'll do our best!"

2) Form den in a circle. Den Chief leads in the Law of the Pack.

3) Form the den into a circle. Den Chief passes the Cub Scout handclasp to the boy to his right. That boy in turn repeats the handclasp with a boy to his right. When the last boy shakes hands with the Den Chief, he (den chief) shouts "Do your best!" and the boys respond by shouting "We'll do our best!"

4) Den forms a brotherhood circle, crossing the right arm over the left and holding the hands of the people next to them. Make sure you leave an opening in the circle. The opening is left as a place where others may join. Recite Scout benediction: "And now, may the great Master of all Scouts be with us till we meet again."




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