Leadership Closing
Posted On: 2019-04-16


Setting: 6 candles, a flashlight, and 7 adults.  Room darkened.  All leaders stand with narrator.

Narrator: To a Cub Scout it looks so very black, when there is no leader, no den, or pack.  Wait, here is a leader with a lighted candle.  (First leader lights candle.)  But the job is more than one can handle.  He needs den leaders and committee members, too, because there is so much you do.  Now he has found one and now another.  (Second leader lights candle) Here’s a committee member.  (Third leader lights candle) Here’s another, now each to his neighbor, pass a light.  (Light is passed to all others in line.)

For our Cub Scout it is now getting bright.  Out of the blackness we now have hope. 

Our Cub Scout no more will grope to find his way along the road that millions like him often strode to wear the uniform of blue and gold.  The laws of his country and God uphold.  You also now can see your way, too.>  So, if all together we hold our candle high Cub Scouting will never die.  Cub Scout Promise (Cubmaster, Den Leader, parent, and Scout are standing in semi-circle behind candle tree which has 4 blue candles and one white candle burning.)

Cubmaster: We have all promised to do our best on the trail with Akela.  The Cub Scout has promised to follow Akela, helping other people and giving his best.  (Cub Scout extinguishes one blue candle.)

Cubmaster: As parents, we have promised to follow Akela, helping our sons along their trails of achievements, with our support and guidance.  (Parent extinguishes one blue candle.)

Cubmaster: As leaders, we have promised to follow Akela, helping the Scout through encouragement and guidance, giving our time and talent to our goal of achievements.  (Leader extinguishes one blue candle.)

Cubmaster: As Cubmaster, I have promised to follow Akela, the Law of the Pack, to help Scouts, parents, and leaders along their trails of achievements and to give encouragement and support to them all.  (Cubmaster extinguishes blue candle.  (Single white candle remains burning at top of candle tree.)

>Cubmaster: Would Den # please retreat the colors, as we all remember to do our best to follow, help and give.  (Den ___ comes forward.  Removes white candle from tree and walks down center aisle followed by USA flag and pack flag.)




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