Johnny Appleseed And The Star
Posted On: 2021-01-01


The ceremony may be read by several boys or adults. Cubmaster says the last paragraph.

Johnny Appleseed was a pioneer, one of the very best. He didn't look much like one. He was small and not very strong. He wore a tin pot for a hat and a coffee sack for a coat. Under his arm, he carried a Bible and over his shoulder, a bag of apple seeds.

He had no knife. He had no gun. But he walked through sunshine and walked through the rain--over the mountains, over the plains, and through forest trails knee-deep in mire looking for places to plant apple seeds.

While he was working, he thanked the Lord for giving him "the sun, the rain, and the apple seed." As the legend goes, God was so pleased with Johnny Appleseed's selfless service that he put in the middle of every apple a star.

CUBMASTER: At the close of our pack meeting, I would like to give each person an apple and ask that when you get home you slice the apple in half (demonstrate this) just as I did. You will see the star given to Johnny and to you for being part of our pack.




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