Honoring The Flag
Posted On: 2021-01-01


PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, two Cub Scouts who know the proper way to fold the U.S. flag.


CUBMASTER: Today, and at most of our pack meetings, we post the U.S. flag when we begin and leave it standing until the meeting is over. Why do we do that? I think there are two main reasons. First, we honor the flag by including it as part of our meeting. And second, we show that we are under the protection of that flag and all it represents, our Constitution and our laws.

We honor the flag by saluting it and by pledging allegiance. We can also honor it by displaying it properly and by taking it down and storing it the right way. Now these boys are going to show us how to retire the flag and fold it properly. As they do that, join me in singing "God Bless America." (Lead song as boys retire colors.)