From Sea To Shining Sea Closing
Posted On: 2020-12-08

BOOM!!  SIZZLE!!  Oooh!  Aaah!  Don’t you just love a good fireworks display on the Fourth of July?  The colors are so beautiful, lighting up the night sky.  But did you ever stop to think how boring it would be if all the fireworks were exactly the same?  You’d have to sit there in your lawn chair for 20 minutes watching one after the other, every single one being red or yellow or green.  You’d be ready to go home in just a little while.  What really makes a fireworks show interesting is its variety when you never know what’s coming next.  That’s true for our wonderful United States, too.  Americans come in all sizes and shapes and colors.  We have different religious beliefs, different family customs, different ideas about everything.  But our differences are good because they make it possible for us to learn new things from one another.  Our differences make us a better people.  If everyone were just like us, life would be boring.  But when people are different, and when they respect each other’s differences, then life is rich and exciting, just like a good fireworks display.