Farmer's Garden Of Thoughts
Posted On: 2020-12-08


Personnel: Seven Cub Scouts with straw hats., garden tools, and large cut-outs of vegetables as indicated.

CUB #1 - We're Cub Scout farmers who've come your way to share with you, our garden of thoughts for the day.

CUB #2 - (Holds up carrot) Take care at all times, remembering to do your best each day.

CUB #3 - (Holds up lettuce) Let us always give a smile to others as we travel down life's way.

CUB #4 - (Holds up turnip) Be sure to turn up at meetings and participate in the pack activities.

CUB #5 - (Holds up bean) Learn not to put things off - for it's not fun being late.

CUB #6 - (Holds up beet) In life's game, you can beat if you strive to work with everyone.

CUB #7 - (Holds up large package of seed) And now that we've planted some seeds of thought we'll say Good Night, for our meeting is adjourned.