Essence Of Life-Long Memories
Posted On: 2020-12-08


Our campfire grows dim. Our songs and our laughter have joined the smoke of our fire to forever drift with the winds.

HEAR the gentle breeze in the trees, echoing the Sounds of campfires past.

FEEL the fresh evening breeze and the cool moist grand of our woodland.

SMELL the lingering smoke of our dying embers.

TASTE the hint of pine mixed with the oak and the acrid smoke of the fire.

SEE your life in the glowing embers: your home, your family, your circle of friends, your past, and your future.

SENSE the presence of your fellow Scouters as we experience these sensations.

This is the true spirit of Scouting.

Take this with you.

Strive to share this experience with your young Scouts -- it is the essence of life-long memories.