Posted On: 2020-11-27


NARRATOR: (Lights out) To a Cub Scout it looks very black when there is no Leader, no Den, no Pack. Wait, here's a leader - a Cubmaster!

CUBMASTER: (Lights a candle)

NARRATOR: But the job is more than one person can handle. He needs a Den Leader and Committeemen also, be there is so much to do. Now, he has found another Leader - a Committeeman.

COMMITTEEMAN: (Lights a candle)

NARRATOR: Here's a Den Leader!

DEN LEADER: (Lights a candle)

NARRATOR: Look here! We have a Den Leader Coach!

DEN LEADER COACH: (Lights a candle)

NARRATOR: For our Cub Scout it is now getting bright.

Our Cub Scout no more will he grope,

To find his way along the road,

That millions like him often strode.

To wear the uniform of the Blue and Gold,

The Law of his Country and God to uphold,

You also can now see your way too,

So if all together we hold our candles high,

Cub Scouts will never die!

Let's all stand and sing: (Either God Bless America or Good Night Cubbers)




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