Be A Happy Clown
Posted On: 2020-11-27

A den of Cub Scouts come onto the stage dressed as clowns. One has a large sad mouth painted on.

Others have large smiling mouths painted on or half of the boys with sad faces and a half with happy ones. Another way this could be done, if not dressed as clowns, the boys could have large clown faces cut from poster board and fastened onto fiberglass arrow shafts, thin dowels, yardsticks, etc. These could be held up in front of faces as the narrator reads the following lines.

If your life is to be as happy,

As a Circus, bright and gay,

There is something you can do,

As you hurry through each day.

Be happy and cheerful,

And remember not to frown.

But give freely of your smiles,

And you can be happy as a clown.

For a smile costs so little,

But to others means so much,

So if everyone keeps smiling,

Our lives will have that happy touch!

When the line about frowning is read,

boys holding sad clown faces take a step

forward and when the line about smiles is

read those boys step forward with others.


Source: Illowa Council