All One Boy Closing
Posted On: 2020-11-27


Den Leader: We will try to show you the many sides to the boy we so proudly call our son, but remember, these are all one boy.

1st Cub: I’m the one full of dirt, so very sure that soap and water will hurt.

2nd Cub: I’m the one who lives in his dreams – Always off in a cloud, at least that is how it seems.

3rd Cub: I’m the show – off and athlete. I just can’t stand to get beat!

4th Cub: I’m the pouter, sensitive and shy… but, I try to make people think I’m a real tough guy.

5th Cub: I’m the angel, neat and obedient. Mom wouldn’t trade a day with me for all the money in the mint.

6th Cub: I’m the Cub Scout, the one we boys like best. That’s ‘cause I’m different from all the rest. So everyone, please join us as we say The Promise we try to live by each day. (Say Promise) 

Den Leader: They’re all these boys and even more. There are lots of surprises for you in the store. So, I love them, protect them, and try to understand. It’s a very hard job growing up to be a man.




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