Alaska Is Different
Posted On: 2020-11-27


CUB #1: Alaska is different in a climate than (your state name), different in the food produced, and offers different ways of life.

CUB #2: The beauty of Alaska is captured in silent snow and the glorious Northern Lights.

CUB #3: One thing (Your state name) and Alaska have in common is being part of the fifty United States of America, pledging their allegiance to our flag.

CUB #4: There are differences in a Cub Scout den. Each boy had different abilities, different interests, and different needs.

CUB #5: We are united in Cub Scouting to develop ourselves mentally, physically, and morally.

CUB #6: Cub Scouting keeps us together in one unit, regardless of whether we are in (your state name) or Alaska. Our packs & dens are part of the whole Scouting program.

CUB #7: We become better citizens as we learn and achieve together.

CUB #8: Let us close by singing "America the Beautiful".




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