Witches Opening
Posted On: 2020-11-11

Take one dark night, without a star;
Add one thin cat, as black as tar,
Turn on a wind, to shriek and moan,
Stir in ghost, with a wail and groan.

Stuff three pumpkins with witches' bane,
Top with a slice of the moon on the wane;
Flavor with bats, and things unseen.
Boil and serve chilled.  It's Halloween.


There are strange things you may meet,
On Halloween upon your street
Witches, goblins, spooks you dread,
Silent ghosts without ahead.

Don't be frightened, for you see,
Underneath are friends like me!

(First verse is read by Den Leader dressed as a witch.  Other Den Leaders, dressed as witches, put ingredients in the cauldron as they are mentioned.  The second verse is read by Cubmaster, draped with a sheet.  On the last line he pulls off the sheet.)