Songs, Cheers, And Sparklers /02-08 C
By: Great Salt Lake Council Posted On: 2022-08-22


Having these 10 items may save your life
1. FIRST AID KIT [use film canister]
a. Wrap some adhesive tape around
the outside of the canister
b. 2 Band-Aids and a sterile non-stick
c. Safety pin and needle thread with
dental floss
d. Envelope of Neosporin
2. Two foot long piece of string
3. Two egg carton fire starters [wax
poured over sawdust in cardboard egg
4. 10 waterproof matches [dip in melted
5. Large plastic bag
6. Plastic signaling mirror or canning flat
7. Aluminum foil folded flat.
8. Whistle
9. Paper and pencil
10. Fishing kit—hooks, line, sinkers.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council