Skits & Storytelling /02-08
By: Great Salt Lake Council Posted On: 2022-07-22


A guy's going on a hiking vacation through the mountains out
West. Before setting off into the boonies, he stops at a small
general store to get some supplies. After picking out the rest
of his provisions, he asks the old store owner,
"Say, Mister, I'm going hiking up in the mountains, and I was
wondering, do you have any bears around here?" "Yep,"
replies the owner. "What kind?" asks the hiker.
"Well, we got black bears, and we got grizzlies." "I see," says
the hiker. "Do you have any of those bear bells?" "What do you mean?" asks the store owner.
"You know," replies the hiker, "those little tinkle-bells that people wear in bear country to warn
the bears that they are coming, so they don't surprise the bears and get attacked." "Oh yeah,"
replies the owner. "They're over there," he says, pointing to a shelf on the other side of the store.
The hiker selects a couple of the bells and takes them to the counter to pay for them. "Tell me
something," the hiker inquires, "How can you tell when you're in bear territory, anyway?" By
the scat," the old fellow replied, ringing up the hiker's purchases. "Well, um, how can I tell if it's
a grizzly territory or black bear territory?" the hiker asks. "By the scat," the store owner replies.
"Well, what's the difference?" asks the hiker. "I mean, what's different
between grizzly scat and black bear scat?" "The stuff that's in it," replies the
store owner. Getting a little frustrated, the hiker asks, "OK, so what's in
grizzly bear scat that isn't in black bear scat?" he asks, an impatient tone in his
voice. "Bear bells," replies the old man as he hands the hiker his purchases.


Boy Scout with flag  A HIKING WE WILL GO

This skit takes place inside a tent. If using a real tent, lines could be read
because cubs will be out of view of the audience.

Pete: Hey Ben. Are you all right?
Ben: (sleepy) Yes.
Jim: Why don’t you guys be quiet. I’m
trying to sleep. (Silence)
Tom: Hey, Pete. Are you all right?
Pete: Sure.
Ben: I wish I had Skippy here.
Jim: A dog in a tent? What for?
Ben: To keep me warm.
Pete: Yea, keep you warm. You’re
Tom: You guys go to sleep. (Silence)
Ben: Listen! What’s that noise?
Pete: Just the wind blowing.

Tom: Might be something prowling
Ben: What?
Tom: Oh, I don’t know. A bear, maybe.
Jim: Yeah, or it could be a coyote!
Pete: A coyote?
Jim: Maybe it’s a mountain lion.
Ben: Oh, no!
Tom: Hey, it’s coming closer. Where’s
my flashlight.
Pete: Lookout! It’s coming in the tent.
(All yell and run out of the tent.
A flashlight shines on Ben, who is
holding a dog)
All: It’s Skippy!


References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council