By: Great Salt Lake Council Posted On: 2022-06-16

Portable Lamp  SILHOUETTE GAME  hammer

You will need About twelve different shaped items, a
sheet or back-projection screen, and a slide projector or
strong light (note clear bulbs are better than pearl). A number of objects are
held, one after the other, behind the screen. These might include items such
as an egg, scissors, bulldog clip, or flower. After all the objects have been
seen, a short time is given for the boys to write down (or tell the leader) the
objects they saw in the correct order of viewing.


Establish a start and finish line. Line the boys up on the starting line.
Give each boy a potato to put between his knees. On “GO” see who can
jump to the finish line first without dropping the potato. If a boy drops
the potato, he starts again.


Give each boy two double crackers. The boy who can eat them all
and whistle, or blow up a balloon, wins.


Divide the boys into two teams. Establish two lines about fifty to one hundred feet apart.
Line the two teams up on the starting line. Have the first four boys in each line straddle
a broomstick and, with their left hand, grasp the stick. On signal, the centipedes
race to the far line, turn around, and race back to the finish line. The
centipede may only advance when all four boys are holding the
broomstick. Then the next four boys form a
centipede and continue the relay.


References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council