Opening, Closing And Flag Ceremonies/02-05
By: Great Salt Lake Council Posted On: 2022-05-28


Val Chatwin
E= ENVIRONMENT. A hot, dry, desert climate
with only 12 inches of rain year.
G=GOVERNMENT. Today it's a Republic
with an elected President. King Menes, in
3100 BC, was the first of many kings &
queens. But Egypt has constantly been
taken over by one nation or another. The
Ramses ruled at the time of Moses (of which
movies have been made.)
Y=YEARLY FLOODS overflow the Nile
Rivers banks. Most people lived along the
Nile River and the yearly floods brought
new silt and fertile soil. However, many
lost their lives, so dams have been put in to
control the flooding.
P=PYRAMIDS---the ancient builders made
huge statues, the Sphinx. These enduring
monuments to their Kings are absolutely
amazing in their size and architecture.
T=TRADE. Because of its proximity to major
waterways (Nile, Mediterranean) Egypt is a
major trading country.


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