By: Great Salt Lake Council Posted On: 2022-05-07


Have a fun time with this one.
Materials: Several Pies, and lots of water for clean up
To make it interesting, you could have pies ranging from tart size to full-size pies.
You could make several different games out of this.
For example, start with small pies and work your way up to larger
ones. The one who eats the most wins.
Eat one pie each, as quickly as possible.
Eat as many one-size pies as possible.
Using hands is forbidden! Or using hands only makes it go down faster.




Materials: 20 small pieces of paper
A Map of the United States
Write North on 5 cards, South on 5 cards, East on 5 cards, and West on
5 cards
Shuffle all 20 cards. The first player calls out a state. The player to his
left draws one-directional card and identifies a state bordering the called
state, in that direction.
For example, Utah is called and south is the direction. The cardholder
names Arizona as a state bordering Utah on the south. Any bordering
state to the south would be correct.
Check the map to make sure the answer is right.
Now pass the map to the next player. Count one point for each correct
answer. First-person to earn 20 points wins.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council