Advancement Ceremonies/02-03
By: Great Salt Lake Council Posted On: 2022-05-06


Cut a large silhouette of Lincoln, Washington an eagle, or another national icon. Cut this into puzzle
pieces, enough for each award being presented at the pack meeting this month. As awards are
presented, add a piece of the puzzle to a large cardboard. At the end of the awards, your puzzle
will be put together.


From the sun-kissed shores of the Pacific
Golden Gate to the rock-bound coast of the
Atlantic, we, the Cub Scouts are proud of
our freedom. Our forefathers fought for free
speech. We’re so grateful to those men. We
are taught honesty in a free country and
educated to realize our blessings.




My beak kisses the north boundaries of the
Great Lakes; my shadow falls on the water
of the Gulf of Mexico. I sharpen my beak on
the Rocky Mountains. I trim my talons in
the snows of Alaska. I fly the highest and fly
longer because I am the king of birds.




Clam cheer: Ask everyone to roll up his                                     Oscar Meyer cheer: “Hot dog!”
sleeves in preparation for this strenuous stunt.                         George Washington cheer: “That was
Double up your fists with your left arm in                                     great, I cannot tell a lie.”
front of your face and right arm overhead.
Silently open and close your right fist.                                        Abraham Lincoln: “That was great,
Pizza: Flip a pretend pizza in the air while
saying, “Mama mia!”

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council