Games 2/02-02
By: Great Salt Lake Council Posted On: 2022-05-06


Materials: a small stuffed dog.
The person who is “IT” covers his eyes while someone hides the
dog. “IT” tries to find the dog. Everyone sings, “Oh where, oh
where has my lit t le dog gone?” The closer
“IT” gets to the dog, the louder everyone
sings. The further “IT” gets, the softer
everyone sings until Dynamic Dog is found.


This game is played in much the same way as
Musical Chairs. Instead of chairs, however, the players are divided into two
groups of equal numbers. The members of one group all stand in a tight
circle with one of their hands on the hip and the elbow raised and pointing
outwards. The members of the second group of players move around the
circle and, when the music stops, each has to find an arm to hold on to. A
player in the circle is removed every time the music stops, and the game
continues like Musical Chairs until only one player remains.


In this game, pairs of chairs with their fronts touching are placed in a
circle around a room. The players also form pairs and stand next to the
hurdles. When the music starts, they march around the room, stepping
over the hurdles as they go. When the music, stops, any pair touching a
hurdle is eliminated. The winners are the last two boys left in the game.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council