December Games/02-01
By: Great Salt Lake Council Posted On: 2022-04-16


Materials: Two bowls or buckets on chairs
Ten mixed items
Teams or patrols stand in single file facing the front of the hall. Facing each
team is a bucket or bowl on a chair. In each bowl,
there are ten items (the same items for each team). At
the back of the hall opposite each team is an empty
bucket or bowl. The scout leader calls out an item, and
the first man in each team has to run to the front, get
that item, place it into the other bucket at the back of
the hall, and then run back to the back of his team.
The first team with their man back gets a point. As you continue playing this,
the objects will be distributed between the front and the back buckets. If the
scouts have good memories, they will remember what items are in what
buckets. This will save them time. If an object is called by the leader and it is
in the back bucket, then it has to be placed in the front bucket and vice-a-
versa. The reason for the bucket being on the chair is so the scouts can’t look
in to see what is in the bucket.


Materials: Black velvet or black construction paper
Magnifying Glass
Since snowflakes melt so quickly, you need to freeze your clothes or paper.
Have it already frozen and ready to go for the next
snowfall, and go outside and let some snowflakes
land on the dark surface. Quickly, before they melt,
examine the flakes with a magnifying glass. Many snowflakes are “broken.”
and so you don’t see the whole six-sided crystal, but with persistence, you’ll
see some beautiful examples.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council