By: Great Salt Lake Council Posted On: 2022-02-04

  The Starfish

A man was walking on a beach one day when he saw a native bend
down and throw a starfish back into the ocean. He asked the native
why he was doing it. “I'm throwing these starfish back into the ocean.
You see, it's low tide right now and all of these starfish have been
washed up onto the shore. If I don't throw them back into the sea, they'll die up here from lack of
“I understand,” the man replied, “but there must be thousands of starfish on this beach. You
can't possibly get to all of them. There are simply too many. And don't you realize this is
probably happening on hundreds of beaches all up and down this coast? Can't you see that you
can't possibly make a difference?”
The local native smiled, bent down, and picked up yet another starfish, and as he threw it back
into the sea, he replied, “Made a difference to that one!”

Cub Scout Promise

When you say the Cub Scout Promise, the words "do my best" are often lost among the other
very important words. Let's stop for a minute and carefully consider these words. Best describes
effort and action about our usual performance. You are the only person who can possibly know
whether or not you have done your best. Every time you repeat the Promise, you agree to do
your best to do certain things. Your best is just that - the very best you can do! Think about the
meaning of the Promise and decide that you will always do your very best, no matter what the
job facing you might be.

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Great Salt Lake Council