By: Great Salt Lake Council Posted On: 2022-01-29

Genius Night

Everyone cannot be brilliant, everyone cannot be smart,
I may not be a genius, but I can build a neat go-cart.
I can dam a stream with boulders, I can climb trees to the top,
I can run for blocks and blocks and never stop.
I can't solve a chemical equation or lecture Newton's rule,
but I can make a peanut butter sandwich that will really make you drool.
I don't know much about flowers, but smelling them is a joy,
I don't think I'm a failure, I'm a genius at being a boy.

Six Million

Today in our country there are over six million boys and adults in Scouting. That's a good thing
to know...a good thing to think about when we get to wondering about the future. Six million,
keeping a promise to “do their best,” to “help other people,” and to “respect God and country.”
Six million, following Baden-Powell's admonition “try to leave this world a little better than you
found it.” These six million can make the difference in tomorrow. These six million WILL
make the difference in the future of this country and in the future of manhood around the world.

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Great Salt Lake Council