By: Great Salt Lake Council Posted On: 2022-01-21


Materials Needed: none
How to Play:
Players sit on the floor in a circle. Each player chooses an instrument they want to
represent. He must then decide on an action that will represent that instrument. To begin play,
have everyone demonstrate their instrument's action. Then one player is chosen to be the
Conductor and stands in the middle. One player begins by making the sign of his instrument and
then makes the sign of another player's instrument. The player whose instrument's action was
made must then make the sign of his instrument and then the sign of still another player's
instrument and so on. This is to be done without letting the Conductor see any of the actions. If
the Conductor catches any player making the actions of an instrument that player becomes the
new Conductor and the old Conductor sits in that player's place.


Materials Needed: Many balloons of various colors inflated
How to Play:
On the signal "go" all balloons are tossed into the air. Players then try to keep them in the
air as long as possible by batting them up with their hands. You may want to give specific
directions to go with different colors of balloons. For example, red balloons may only be hit with
the left hand, green balloons may only be hit with the head, all other colors must be hit with the
right hand. Any balloons that fall to the ground are considered out of play and cannot be picked
up and restarted. After 30 seconds the game director sounds the signal to "stop" and the balloons
still in the air are caught and counted. This is really fun when done as teams.


Materials Needed:
2 sets of large or extra large Cub Scout, Boy Scout, den leader,
or Scout leader uniforms
2 American Flags in stands
How to Play:
Flags in stands are at one end of the playing area. The two sets of clothing are in a backpack, bag, or suitcase about halfway down the playing area. Players should be divided into two
teams and are standing in lines at the beginning of the playing area. On the word "go" the first
boy in line runs to one set of clothing. He opens the container and puts on the clothing. He then
runs the rest of the way to the flag. The player salutes the flag and runs back to the clothing
container. He removes the clothing and puts it back into the container making sure to close and
fasten the container. He runs back to the beginning and tags the next boy in line. The next boy
repeats the process. This continues until everyone on the team has had a turn. The first team
completely finished is the winner

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council


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