Pinewood Derby
Posted On: 2020-11-11


P - a Pinewood Derby is fun for all.  But the whole family must answer the call.

I - I entered the competition to win or lose, or whatever my doom.

N - Neatly I painted my car with dad's expert help, but I ran it myself.

E - Excitement ran all through the night.  No matter who won, it will be all right.

W - We would all lie to come in first, but if not, our bubble won't burst.

O - On with the races, don't hesitate.  The Pinewood Derby didn't wait.

O - Open the gates, down the track, then we rest.  For, being Cub Scouts, we've done our best.

D - Don't mind tonight, where your car places, Cub Scouting will help you through life's races.




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