By: Great Salt Lake Council Posted On: 2021-11-27


Equipment: Ladder with cards with keywords on each rung facing toward
the audience and a pointer.
As each boy reads his part have him point to the keyword on the ladder with
the pointer, the pass it to the next boy. The narrator could be a pack or den
leader, a den chief, or another boy. After the ceremony present awards to the boys.
Narrator: We think of Cub Scouting as a ladder of good citizenship. Let us show you what
we mean.
Boy #1. FRIENDSHIP: We make lots of friends in our school, church, neighborhood, den
and pack.
Boy #2: TEAMWORK: We learn how important it is to work with others as members of a
Boy #3. DEPENDABILITY: We learn to be places when we promise to do our part.
Boy #4: LEADERSHIP: We learn to lead games and help with other den and pack
Boy #5: HONESTY: We learn to tell the truth, to handle money, and to understand what
honesty means.
Boy #6: LOYALTY: We learn to be true to our friends, our parents, and our den and pack,
and to honor our country and its flag.
Boy #7: GOODWILL: We like to help our school, church, neighbors, and those less
fortunate than we are. Goodwill projects make us feel good.
Boy #8: RESPONSIBILITY: We learn to be responsible for certain jobs, our own
belongings, things about our home, and for the property of others.
Narrator: Through good citizenship and through Cub Scout experiences, boys learn things
that help makes them better citizens as they grow into manhood.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council