Our Flag And Us
Posted On: 2020-11-09

EQUIPMENT: American Flag; spotlight, piece of cloth with loose threads to be pulled.

ARRANGEMENT: 5 Cub Scouts in horseshoe formation (open toward the audience) with Cubmaster, Narrator, and Flag in the center. House lights out. Spotlight on Flag.

NARRATOR: Today as we gather, let's all keep in mind our flag and the meaning it has for all of us.

CUB 1: The red is for the blood of Americans true, who gladly would give up their lives for you.

CUB 2: The white is for purity, in both thought and deed: a rule of conduct we all might well heed.

CUB 3: The blue is for justice, for all, not one.. a tenet we fought for and so dearly won.

CUB 4: The stars are a symbol of God's guiding hand over the Union in this mighty land.

CUB 5: There isn't a one our Flag won't protect. Don't you think we could show it greater respect?

CUBMASTER: Cub Scouts, did you ever think of just what makes up our country's Flag? Yes, there are stripes, a patch of blue, and some five-pointed stars... but they are just pieces of cloth. However, when the 13 stripes of alternate red and white, representing the 13 original states, are put together and the field of blue is in place with the stars... all securely held together by thousands of stitches... then we no longer have pieces of cloth and patches, but the Flag of the United States... the emblem of our country.

I think that all those stitches represent us... "We, the people"... and that every one of us is represented in the Flag by a stitch holding the Flag together. Just as long as we are strong, holding steadfastly to our job of being good American citizens, worthy sons of America, our country will remain "one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all".

All of you know what would happen to a Flag if one of the stitches failed to hold. The Flag would fall apart or unravel like this piece of cloth. (Holds up a piece of cloth with loose threads to show how it ravels.) Cub Scouts, that is exactly what can happen to our country if we, the citizens of America, do not try to be good Americans. Our America can lose its "oneness".

But I'm sure you are thinking "We will not let that happen. We will, all of us, on this day and every day, continue to do our best and show by our actions that we are worthy to be citizens of our Country".

NARRATOR: Please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag.