Posted On: 2021-10-21



(Tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic)

1. I love this great America the land that God has blessed, Where the hope that stirs the hearts of men will never be suppressed. Through the flame of faith came forth a nation choice above the rest. This great America!

ChorusGlory to the land of freedom, Glory to the land of freedom.Glory to the land of freedom, I love America.

2. I love this great America the land of liberty for I know the price of freedom countless others paid for me, Do we hear their call to carry on and serve as valiantly? This great America!

3. America stands for freedom and America stands for good. As we live in this great land we will love her just as we should, Our eyes do tear from battles fought for freedom for us all we love the Flag and this great land, it's freedom for us all.

4. May we all be united by the bonds of brotherhood. May we learn to love each other for in every soul is good. Let us live in peace upon the land where people of valor stood. This great America!



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