Posted On: 2021-11-06

Image by Peter H from Pixabay


The leader starts by saying, “I’m going on a hike. Everyone needs to come along. I’m bringing... What are you bringing?” Each boy answers in turn what they will bring on the “hike”. The trick is that their answer must begin with the first letter of their first name. Do not give away the secret. Let the boys figure it out as they continue to guess. Soon they will catch on, but they should not reveal the secret when they guess it. Here’s an example where the leader’s name is Dave. Leader (Dave): I’m going on a hike and I’m bringing a door. Teddy: I’ll bring a chair. Leader: No, you can’t bring that. Frank: I’ll bring a frisbee. Leader: Good. Frank can come along. I’m also bringing a dinosaur. Johnny: I’ll take my dog. Rex. Leader: Sorry. Rex can’t go. Teddy: Can 1 bring a towel? Leader: Yes, you can bring a towel. I’m bringing donuts.


In this game, the boys will try not to get their feet “wet.” Play this game outside on a grassy area or inside on a large carpeted area. Use 2 pieces of string to form a “river.’ Two players hold the string to make the river. All the other players stand on one side of the river and try to jump across without getting their feet wet. The river should start out fairly narrow and gradually get bigger (by about 6 inches each time). Then, have the cub scouts try to jump back. As the boys jump back and forth, players are eliminated as their feet get wet (land inside the rope river). The last player with dry feet is the winner. FANCY

Image by Bettina Vogt from Pixabay


Before the game, pack two boxes with an assortment of different silly footwear, such as swim fins, fluffy slippers, big rubber boots, high heels, etc. Divide players into two teams. Place the boxes of footwear at the starting line. Each player chooses a pair of silly shoes, puts them on and moves quickly to the crossing line. He then takes the shoes off and carries them back and returns them to the box. The next person in line does the same until everyone on each team has a turn. The team finishing first wins.



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