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Posted On: 2020-07-30

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FIESTA MATCH GAME                                          


Teach the birthday song in Spanish

and sing it to those who have birth-

days this month. The words are:

Feliz cumpleanos a ti`

Feliz cumpleanos a ti`

Feliz cumpleanos a (person’s name),

Feliz cumpleanos a ti`

Vs. 2 is often sung—the words mean ‘now we

want cake’:

Ya queremos pastel (repeat four times)




Hide small objects (cutouts,

pieces of candy, etc.) around

the room. Form 2 teams, the dogs

and the cats, with a leader in each

one. At a signal all start hunting

for the items, but ONLY THE

LEADER can go get it and pick it

up. The Dogs must bark to get

the leader’s attention and the Cats

must meow. The team with the

most items wins.

Answers: 1D, 2I, 3G, 4M, 5O, 6A, 7K, 8F,

9N, 10L, 11J, 12H, 13E, 14C, 15B


Match the Spanish words to their

English translation

1. Naranja

2. Verde

3. Azul

4. Negro

5. Blanco

6. Rogo

7. Nombre

8. Amarillo

9. Agua

10. Hola

11. Donde

12. Si

13. Siete

14. Diezi

15. Lavar

A. White

B. Wash

C. Ten

D. Orange

E. Seven

F. Yellow

G. Blue

H. Yes

I. Green

J. Where

K. Name

L. Hello

M. Red

N. Water

O. Black




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