Posted On: 2020-11-09



EQUIPMENT: Poster with an octopus the boy has drawn

SETTING: The boys form a line in front of the audience.

CUB #1: In tying knots, I am the champ. With bowline or clove hitch, when my eight arms get in the way, I can't tell which is which.

CUB #2: An octopus, I like to hike o'er underwater hills. I "left" and "right" with just two legs, six others give me spills.

CUB #3: A patriot I salute our flag; the one that I'll fight for; I don't salute with one right hand, "Cause I salute with four."

CUB #4: In rowing boats I'm speedy. My eight arms move me fast. No matter how you use your oars - you'll come in tired and last.

CUB #5: I have two arms to gather wool. Two arms to start the flame. Two arms to cook my tasty meal. Two arms to shoot fresh game.

CUB #6: I can pass all swimming tests, the backstroke, floating, or crawl. Cause with eight legs in the water, we really have a ball.

All: We're a Cub Scout octopus. But soon it will be neat; we'll be Boy Scout Tenderfoots with eight tender feet.