Guest Post Guidelines
Posted On: 2013-06-13

Thank you for your interest in contributing to InsaneScouter's blog. Below are our standards and guidelines regarding submissions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


What We Accept:

Well written posts that specifically relate to camping, rving, hiking, nature, outdoors, etc. The content must be original, and never published any where else.

The post may include a byline that gives you credit as the author and include a short bit about your site including a link. Another option, your post may start off with an introduction. In either case it should introduce who you are, what you do and include any links to niche related sites you may have. After all we understand this is the main reason you are doing this.

You are free to promote the article on social media, your own site, etc.

We Do Not Accept:

  • Any posts that are sponsored such as those with paid or affiliate links in them.
  • Low quality – make sure you properly edit your posts, etc
  • Posts previously published elsewhere.
  • Self promotional or spammy posts
  • Inappropriate or abusive language, content or suggestions
  • Copyrighted content

The Posts

  • We do not have strict length standards. Generally we are looking for posts between 150 and 800 words. However quality of the writing and coverage of the topic is far more important to us.
  • You can choose your own topics, or ask us for some ideas. We are also open to giving you a weekly column if you prove to us, that you will follow through week after week.
  • We strongly encourage including an image in every post. You need to include the image separate of the post in a jpg, gif or png format.
  • You may include videos. For example write a post about a cool youtube video, but remember not to make it spam.
  • Look through the posts already on the site, to get a feel for our style and the type of subjects we are looking for.
  • We schedule posts about once a month for publication. There is no guarantee when it will get published. We will email you letting you know if your post was accepted or not, when we schedule the posts out.
  • We do reserve the right to edit posts for clarity, grammar, voice, and relevance.

After Being Published

We ask that you watch for comments on your post, and reply to readers to clarify issues, and discuss in comments. Also, please feel free to promote the post using social media, etc.

Submitting A Post

Please send posts in a word processor format such as word doc, or embedded in the email. Please include a working title. Also attach any images separately. Send the email to scott [at] iswebteam [dot] net.




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