Nature Is God's Handiwork
Posted On: 2020-11-09


MATERIALS: 6 Cub Scouts 6 pieces of paper with a letter of NATURE printed on it

Each Cub Scout holds up his letter and reads the following (glue to the back of letter card)

N - N stands for naturalist - All of us who love and seek to preserve nature in its purist, undisturbed state.

A - A is for animals - The creatures who make their homes in the great woodland and wilderness areas of our world.

T - T is for the trails we hike - Admiring the Earth's rare beauty from a safe distance.

U - U is for undisturbed- Clean air, water, and trees that have not been carelessly marked by the passing of man.

R - R is for richness - The splendor of surprising a deer in the wild. The breathtaking view of snow-capped mountains.

E - E is for Earth - This is the only home we have. Only WE can preserve it all time.

ALL Nature is God's handiwork.