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Newsletter Nov 2010

Author:  InsaneScouter

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November 02, 2010

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New Content

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Cub Scout

Golden Rule Opening
CUBMASTER: This is the season of lights. It is a time when the days areshorter and the nights are long. But somehow, things are brighter. Shoppingcenters are bright with Christmas light. Thousands of homes have single candlesto light the way for the Christ Child. Other thousands have candles burning tocommemorate the miracle of the oils of Hanukkah. Even the stars in the wintersky seem brighter. But the most brilliant glow comes from Cub Scouts followingthe Golden Rule and the spirit...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games

Invisible Red Ball
Everyone stands in a circle facing the middle. The leader starts by walking across the circle to a specific person and says the person’s name s/he is now facing followed by “Jane here is the RED BALL”.The person says “Thank you for the RED BALL George” stating the name of who gave her the ball, and then s/he walks to someone new, as the leader takes his/her place in the circle, and says his/her...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Cub Scout

Cub Scout's Pledge To Himself - Opening
Arrangement: Pack flag is placed in center of stage. Ten Cub Scouts in uniform,in turn, come on stage, stand near the pack flag and recite one of the statementsbelow. Upon finishing, each Cub Scout salutes the Pack and retires to rear ofstage, where a horseshoe is formed.1ST CUB: May I grow in character and ability as I grow in size.2ND CUB: May I be honest with myself and others in what I do and say.3RD CUB: May I learn and...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games

Tangled Knot
Scouts form a disorganized cluster. Each grabs two other hands forming a huge tangled knot. The group tries to untangle itself. All knots are not solvable. Helps people relax their personal space....

Home > Resources > Activities > Campfire Stories

Field Mouse and Buffalo Story
If you are proud and selfish you will lose all in the end.Once upon a time, when the Field-Mouse was out gathering wild beans for the winter, his neighbor, the Buffalo, came down to graze in the meadow. This the little Mouse did not like, for he knew that the other would mow down all the long grass with his prickly tongue, and there would be no place in which to hide. He made up his mind to offer battle...

Home > Resources > Activities > Campfire Stories

Falling Rock Story
An Indian chief, Rising Sun, was concerned with how white men were expanding across the forests, plains, and mountains. His tribe was very small, but as every tribe and nation was being overpowered and sent to reservations, he came up with a plan to save the People.His son, Falling Rock, was a strong, intelligent, and trustworthy young man and Rising Sun loved him very much. Rising Sun asked Falling Rock to travel ...

Home > Resources > Activities > Campfire Stories

Falcon and the Duck Story
Do not exult too soon; nor is it wise to tell of your brave deeds within the hearing of your enemy.The wintry winds had already begun to whistle and the waves to rise when the Drake and his mate gathered their half- grown brood together on the shore of their far northern lake."Wife," said he, "it is now time to take the children southward, to the Warm Countries which they have never yet seen!"Very early the next morning they set...

Home > Resources > Activities > Campfire Stories

Barnabas and Sebastian Story
This Story has scary parts.An old man named Barnabas lived with his dog in a house a big old house his grandfather had built long ago. Barnabas used to own a store in town, but now he was retired and spent his days panning for gold in nearby streams hoping to some day strike it rich. The dog was a big wolfhound named Sebastian and Barnabas had raised him from a pup he found years ago.Every morning Barnabas went out...

Home > Resources > Activities > Campfire Stories

Battle of the Snakes Story
There was a man who was not kind to animals. One day when he was hunting, he found a rattlesnake and decided to torture it. He held its head to the ground and pierced it with a piece of bark. Then as it was caught there, he tormented it."We shall fight," he said and then burned the snake until it was dead. He thought this was a great jest and so, whenever he found a snake, he would do the...

Home > Resources > Activities > Campfire Stories

Birch Tree's Bark Story
It was a hot day, and Old-man was trying to sleep, but the heat made him sick. He wandered to a hilltop for air; but there was no air. Then he went down to the river and found no relief. He traveled to the timberlands, and there the heat was great, although he found plenty of shade. The traveling made him warmer, of course, but he wouldn't stay still.By and by he called to the winds to blow, and they...

Home > Resources > Activities > Campfire Stories

Bloody Finger Story
This Story has scary parts and is meant for Boy Scouts, Webelos scouts.Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger scouts or not.Preparation:Get a small box, such as a cardboard jewelry box. Cut a whole the size of your middle finger in the bottom. Cover the bottom inside with a bed of cotton. Color the cotton around the hole with red marker. Put your middle finger through the hole from the bottom.In the old, old days, where my...

Home > Resources > Activities > Campfire Stories

Boy and the RattleSnake Story
A little boy was walking down a path and he came across a rattlesnake. The rattlesnake was getting old. He asked, "Please little boy, can you take me to the top of the mountain? I hope to see the sunset one last time before I die." The little boy answered "No Mr. Rattlesnake. If I pick you up, you'll bite me and I'll die." The rattlesnake said, "No, I promise. I won't bite you. Just please take me up to...

Home > Resources > Activities > Campfire Stories

Eagle and Red Tail Hawk Story
This Story is meant for Boy Scouts.Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger scouts or not.Long ago, Eagle and Red Tail Hawk were the same size and very good friends. But Red Tail was a jealous bird and worried that Eagle might be better than him. Red Tail would make up contests so he could show up his friend.This made Eagle very sad, and every night he would pray to Creator that Red Tail would stop. It...

Home > Resources > Activities > Campfire Stories

Cricket and Cougar Story
Cougar is the mightiest of the animals in the forest.Cougar was walking in the forest, and he jumped onto a fallen log to look around. From inside the log came a tiny voice."Get off the roof of my lodge!" Out from the rotten end of the log came a tiny Cricket. "You are standing on the roof of my lodge, Cougar," said the little insect. "You must step off now, or the roof-pole will break and my lodge will fall...

Home > Resources > Activities > Campfire Stories

Cremation of Sam McGee Story
This Story has scary parts and is meant for Boy Scouts, Webelos scouts.Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger scouts or not.Notes:This story can be told as a scary story around a campfire. It has a humorous ending.There are strange things done in the midnight sunBy the men who moil for gold,And the arctic trails have their secret talesThat would make your blood run cold.The northern lights have seen queer sights,But the queerest they ever did seeWas...

Home > Resources > Activities > Campfire Stories

Coyote Angers Rock Story
This Story is meant for Boy Scouts, Bear scouts, Webelos scouts.Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger scouts or not.One spring day, Coyote and Fox were out for a walk. When they came to a big smooth rock, Coyote threw his blanket over it and they sat down to rest. After a while the Sun became very hot, and Coyote decided he no longer needed the blanket."Here, brother," he said to...

Home > Resources > Activities > Campfire Stories

Car Wreck Story
This Story has scary parts and is meant for Boy Scouts.Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger scouts or not.Notes:This is a good one to tell in Sept. or Oct. or keep it ready for that time you might hear a car going fast off in the distance. I made this story up on a campout and for some reason it was enjoyed. You'd need to change the scenery, such...

Home > Resources > Activities > Campfire Stories

Anishinabe and the Ravens Story
Learn about others, but be what you are.There once was a man that enjoyed watching the black Raven's fly around, play, squawk, and chatter. He enjoyed them so much he would climb trees just to be closer to them. For many months the Ravens ignored the man, but after awhile, one of the Ravens flew from a nearby tree and landed directly next to the man.In utter amazement, the bird spoke to the man...

Home > Resources > Activities > Campfire Stories

Bloody Finger Story
This Story has scary parts and is meant for Boy Scouts.Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger scouts or not.Some Boy Scouts went on a kayaking trip one year. On their way home, they stopped at a pizza joint in a small town for dinner. Little did they know that this particular restaurant was close to going out of business because it was haunted.A year ago, a madman had escaped...

Home > Resources > Activities > Campfire Stories

Blind Men and Raccoon Story
This Story is meant for Boy Scouts.Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger scouts or not.Two old Indian brothers lived together in a wigwam by a lake. Every day, they took turns getting water and cooking food. First, one cooked and the other got water, then the next day, they switched. This was fair. They were fair in all they did, always truthful to each other and ...

Home > Resources > Activities > Campfire Stories

Bear Bells Story
This Story is meant for Boy Scouts.Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger scouts or not.One summer, a fellow from the big city was going on a camping trip into the Rocky Mountains. He got all his gear, made the drive, and was at a local shop just before starting his hike into the wilderness.He says to the store clerk, "Say, do you all have bears around here?""Yep," replied the clerk."What kind?""Well,...

Home > Resources > Activities > Campfire Stories

Bat Story
Once there was a great war between the beasts and the birds. Bat was on the birds' side. In the first battle, the birds were badly beaten. As soon as Bat saw that the battle was going against them, he crept away, hid under a log, and stayed there until the fight was over.When the animals were going home. Bat slipped in among them.After they had gone some distance, they saw him and asked one...

Home > Resources > Activities > Campfire Stories

Ballad of Johnny O'Dell Story
Wild are the tales of the Pony Express And most of them are true if I don't miss my guess. But wildest of all tales that they tell Is that of fearless young Johnny O'Dell. Johnny was little, but he was a man Whom none could outride, outshoot or outplan. Ride, he could ride anything that could run And could outdo any man with a gun. Back in those days there were men in the West And Johnny O'Dell was...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Cub Scout

Fiesta Advancement
PROPS: Piñata open at the top or container decorated to look like a piñata.Awards are placed inside the piñata.CUBMASTER: A piñata is lots of fun--fun to make and fun to break. Lots of hardwork goes into making it and lots of hard work goes into breaking it. After all thehard work, comes the reward.The Cub Scouts to recognized tonight have worked hard. They have had lots offun along the way, too.Would the following Cub Scouts and their parents please come...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games

Frisbee Golf
Similar to rope golf, but just for fun. “Holes” can be trees, poles, dumpsters or hanging pie plates, etc....

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Cub Scout

Fiesta Advancement
PERSONNEL: Cubmaster (Ideally dressed in sombrero with shawl overshoulder)EQUIPMENT: Pinata filled with awardsCUBMASTER: In following our theme for this month which is Fiesta, tonight Iwould like to honor those Cub Scout senors who have completed requirementsfor various awards over the past month.Would senors (Call out names of those receiving Bobcat), and their parentsplease come forward?(Cubmaster reaches into pinata, presents badges, etc. to Bobcats)Continue presenting awards in like manner. After all awards are presented, theCubmaster states; Cub Scouts, we are all...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games

Jack Balls
A rough and tumble takeoff of "boulles". Each player gets 2 balls of a unique color or marking. Croquet balls or painted golf balls work nicely but use your imagination, pinecones, rocks or shoes might do. The winner of the previous game tosses a white target ball out from where the last game ended. The scouts try to put their ball as close as possible to the target. The previous winner gets the...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Cub Scout

Fiesta Pinata Ceremony � Advancement Ceremony
(You’ll need a piñata, with the awards pinned or taped to it.)Tonight, we are enjoying a real fiesta. Everyone is having fun, but there is a moreserious not to the festivities. Tonight, we also come here to honor some of theboys in our pack. These boys have been working very hard during the pastmonth. As you can see, here we have a piñata, a very special piñata with severalawards attached.First, let’s call up our new Bobcats (calls up boys and...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games

Filler games
Fill Games (idle hands) Sometimes plans just fall through. Keep scouts busy and teach at the same time. If you don’t find something for them to do, they will find something to do…… oh no!...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Cub Scout

Akela�s Life Story � Advancement Ceremony
Equipment: Ceremony board or log with 3 small candles and one large candle;tom-tom; artificial campfire.Setting: With the tom-tom beating, Akela enters and walks behind the fire. Akelagives the Cub Scout sign and the tom-tom stops.Narrator: Akela was the big chief of the Webelos tribe; tall, stalwart, straight asan arrow, swift as an antelope, brave as a lion—he was fierce to an enemy, butkind to a brother. Many trophies hung in his teepee. His father was the son of thegreat yellow...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games

Stepping Stones
A stream is marked out on carpet or lawn with some stepping stones scattered around (14” X 14” plywood pieces) Patrol must cross holding hands or waists. Space the stones so some jumps must be made, have enough so there are some dead ends and backups....

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Cub Scout

Caveman Opening
CUB #l : The early caveman used fire to protect himself from wild beasts and towarm his body.CLTB #2: In ancient times the Phoenicians used fire on mountain tops or highpillars as beacons for their ships.CUB #3: The American Indian used fire to hollow logs for his boats, to firepottery, and for ceremonial purposes.CUB #4: The pioneer used fire to forge rims for his wheels and bolts to buildwagons. The silhouette of the village blacksmith against fire was a common...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games

Easy Three Leg Compass
Teach the scouts basic pacing and compass bearings. Test them by giving them a series of short 2 and 3 leg compasses courses. I like the there and back courses to see if they can come back to the same spot....
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Rope Box � Types Of Rope
There are many different types of rope and each type has a purpose. First you need to understand there is natural rope and synthetic rope    Natural rope is made from plant fiber and almost always just twisted together, this is...

Fuzzy and Scout Nov 2010
 Hi all, Fuzzy and Scout here, are you all as excited as we are as it is almost Halloween. We have been asking Baloo for our costumes for aaaaaaaaaaaages and finally we got them :)Although if it was up to Baloo we...

Scout Jokes
This post is just to liven things up some. Here some jokes I found all over the web I hope you enjoy. Starry Skies JokeThe Scoutmaster and his Tenderfoot son went on a camping trip. As they lay down for the...

Eagle Tip - Tonight's Ceremony: Brought to You in Technicolor
This tip is thanks to Mark Ray from http://www.eaglebook.comGo to enough Eagle courts of honor, and you’ll eventually see someone skip his lines in the script or read someone else’s lines by mistake. That’s no surprise considering that few Scouters...

Rope Box � Ten Knots Every Scout Should Know
This post is going to talk about the 10 knots every Scout should know. You will see the knot in the photo, reference its name and read what that knot is used for. This post is more about understanding the...

Sierra Cup
Sierra cups are a amazing tool for light weight camping. As you can see in the photo they are really just a metal cup. However in backpacking it serves as your cup, bowl and plate. They are light weight and...

Jamboree On The Internet & Air
Jamboree On The Internet is also known as JOTI, which is different then JOTA (Jamboree on the air). JOTA takes place using ham radios while JOTI is mostly done using a computer and a chat room. The ultimate goal of...

5 reasons you should get trained, update
Scouting is a game.  Being a well trained leader allows you to guide the boys how to better play the game and have fun.  Being a well trained leader you have the knowledge how to play the game safely and...

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Sports Merit Badge
We all know Scouts who are trying to juggle their Scouting activities with other commitments. In many cases, this might mean finding time for Scouting and sports. So help your...

Scouter Adam
Pack Committee & Cub Master Meetings
In a recent Ask Andy Blog that I came across talked about having a Committee Meeting and a Cub Master meeting. OK, but what if a pack committee chair wants...

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Volunteer Opportunities!
The Leave No Trace State Advocate Program helps the Center create volunteer networks in every region of the country. Advocates respond to inquiries, act as the liaison between the Center...

Leave No Trace
Iron Eagle Challenge at Georgia Southern University
On Friday, we traveled to Statesboro, Georgia to be a part of the 6th annual Iron Eagle Challenge. This adventure race is held on the campus of Georgia Southern University...

Scouter Adam
My Son…..
My Son, Elliot is very cool. He is always full of a lot of energy. What boy isn’t. He is very good at math and like rocks, stars and...


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Deal might open up a former Girl Scouts camp in southwestern Indiana to ... - The Republic
Deal might open up a former Girl Scouts camp in southwestern Indiana to ...The RepublicAP VINCENNES, Ind. — A former Girl Scouts camp in southwestern Indiana could soon be opened...

Scouts raise funds for camp facilities improvements - Tulsa World
Scouts raise funds for camp facilities improvementsTulsa WorldThe Indian Nations Council of the Boy Scouts of America's capital campaign committee is raising funds to improve five scout camps attended by...

Muncie woman arrested in theft of Cub Scout popcorn - Muncie Star Press
Muncie woman arrested in theft of Cub Scout popcornMuncie Star PressMUNCIE — A Muncie woman Monday night was arrested for allegedly stealing more than $630 worth of popcorn from a...

USA uniforms suit the Scouts - Gloucester County Times - NJ.com
USA uniforms suit the ScoutsGloucester County Times - NJ.comThe Girl Scouts of the USA was considering shifting production of its uniforms and sashes overseas. News stories cited the source of...

Boy Scouts to hold drive for Silver Creek Food Pantry - Evening Observer
Boy Scouts to hold drive for Silver Creek Food PantryEvening ObserverSILVER CREEK - Working together, Boy Scout Troop 252 and Cub Pack 252 of Silver Creek are sponsoring a food...

Boy Scouts to hold drive for Silver Creek Food Pantry - Evening Observer
Boy Scouts to hold drive for Silver Creek Food PantryEvening ObserverSILVER CREEK - Working together, Boy Scout Troop 252 and Cub Pack 252 of Silver Creek are sponsoring a food...

Chairman Doug Kennedy Named “Man of the Year” by Boy Scouts of America - The Montclarion (subscription)
Chairman Doug Kennedy Named “Man of the Year” by Boy Scouts of AmericaThe Montclarion (subscription)The Patriot's Path Council of the Boy Scouts of America honored Doug Kennedy, chairman of the...

Chairman Doug Kennedy Named “Man of the Year” by Boy Scouts of America - The Montclarion (subscription)
Chairman Doug Kennedy Named “Man of the Year” by Boy Scouts of AmericaThe Montclarion (subscription)The Patriot's Path Council of the Boy Scouts of America honored Doug Kennedy, chairman of the...


Scouts In Action

They Saved the Baby from the River!
John Fitzgerald, 9, Christian Nanson, 11, and other members of Pack 100 and Troop 100 were swimming in Nebraska’s Platte River when Christian spotted a baby floating facedown in the...

He saved the boy from the riptide!
As Todd Staszak, 15, was bodyboarding at Hatteras, N.C., he heard cries for help. A man was trying to save his son and his son’s friend as a powerful riptide...

He saved his friends from the oncoming car!
As Trevor Robinson, 18, and four friends were walking across the parking lot of their school in Carmichael, Calif., a car traveling almost 30 miles an hour rounded a corner...


Thoughts to Ponder

The Snake That Poisons Everybody

It topples governments, wrecks marriages, ruins careers, busts reputations, causes heartaches, nightmares, indigestion, spawns suspicion, generates grief, dispatches innocent people to cry in their pillows. Even its name hisses. it's called gossip. Office gossip, shop gossip, party gossip. It makes headlines and headaches. Before you repeat a story, ask yourself: Is it true? Is it fair? is it necessary? If not, shut up.



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