A Cub Scout Pocket - Opening
By: Longhorn Council Posted On: 2020-06-05

A piece of tag board is cut in the shape of a pocket and covered with blue felt,
including a pocket flap and button. The badges which are attached are available
at the Scout office (#4648 ), or could easily be made out of cardboard.

They are attached with masking tape. The arrows are made of cardboard and
covered with gold and gray felt.

This is a pocket - a very plain pocket - not very interesting, and it could belong to
anyone. But wait, let's give this pocket to a Cub Scout.

(Cub Scout places Bobcat badge on pocket. ) Right away, our pocket is turning
into something with meaning. It represents a sense of belonging and will soon
bring our Cub Scout knowledge, skill, enjoyment and good fellowship.

(Cub Scout places Wolf & arrows on pocket. ) Before too long our pocket turns
into something more special. It proudly displays the first symbol of new-found
knowledge of the flag, of keeping strong, of tools, of knots, of safety, of books
and reading. It means our Cub Scout has mastered feats of skill and has shown
his willingness to help in his home and take part in family fun.

(Cub Scout places Bear & Arrows on pocket. ) Our pocket now has increased its
meaning even more. It shows our Cub Scout is completing increasingly difficult
achievements which show he is growing in knowledge and skill.

(Cub Scout places Webelos and Arrow of light on pocket. ) Our pocket is very
special now. It is very rich in new possibilities. It opens up a whole new world of

Cub Scouting has taken our plain pocket and turned it into a pocketful of
adventure, fun and excitement.

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