By: Longhorn Council Posted On: 2020-05-29

Mark start and finish lines about 30 and 40 feet apart. Players line up at the start
line, each holding a hula hoop. If there are only a few hula hoops to share, divide
players into smaller groups for several races. When the leader says GO, each
player places his hoop on the ground in front and jump into their hoops. They pull
them over their heads, and toss them again to move toward the finish line.
Players who fail to make their jump into the hoop must go back to the start line
and begin again. The first player to hop over the finish line into his hoop gets a
“HOOP, HOOP, HOORAY!” Used as a relay face, half to each team is lined up
behind the two lines. When everybody has completed their portion, they should
have switched sides. First one to finish is the winner

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