Mine Is The Voice
Posted On: 2020-11-05


PROPS: Silhouettes of Washington, Lincoln, Baden-Powell; backlighted shadow screen; American flag; offstage microphone.

PERSONNEL: 3 adult voices; 2 or more Cub Scouts

(Room dimly lighted, shadow screen brightens to reveal the shadow of George Washington)

VOICE #1: Mine is the voice of George Washington. You celebrate my birthday as the father of our country on February 22nd. My dedication was to the unalienable rights of freemen. We won your FREEDOM through the American Revolutionary War. The Stars and Stripes have waved over our country for more than two centuries as a result of the sacrifices of patriots.

(Shadow screen dims and re-brightens to reveal the shadow of Abraham Lincoln)

VOICE #2: Mine is the voice of Abraham Lincoln. You celebrate my birthday on February 12. We engaged in a great civil war to test whether a nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal might long endure.

(Shadow screen dims and re-brightens to reveal the silhouette of Baden-Powell.)

VOICE #3: Mine is the voice of another man born in February. I am Baden-Powell. My birthday is not celebrated as the birthday of a man but as the birthday of a great movement. Scouting came to America 89 years ago. Since that time millions of boys and men have been Scout trained for FREEDOM, PATRIOTISM, and EQUALITY--plus another virtue which we must fight to maintain--INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY.

I would like to now call on some young friends of mine who know that the future of America ...and indeed the world ...depends on our willingness to preserve freedom in each generation. They will ask you to rededicate yourself to your country through your Pledge of Allegiance to your flag.

(Cubs Scouts come forward and lead Pledge of Allegiance)




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