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Good Will Opening
By: Longhorn Council Posted On: 2010-10-15

Setting: Eight uniformed Cub Scouts line up across front of room holding large
cards with letters to spell out
G-O-O-D-W-I-L-L. Each boy shows his card is he speaks.

G - Greetings we bring now to everyone.

O - On this special night of holiday fun.

O - Once again it's that special time of year.

D - We're doing our best to spread holiday cheer.

W - Welcome to our meeting. it's sure to be worthwhile.

I - Would you all please give us a great big smile.

L - Letting the feeling of good will spread all around,

L - Let's all stand and let our happy voices sound.

(Lead audience in singing a Christmas song. and then lead the Pledge of

Akela: "Now, (Cubs name), you know you should always do Good Turns."

1st Cub: I tried, honest!

Akela: OK

Each Cub enters and says similar things to Akela

Last Cub: (carrying a small frying pan with a "pancake" in it) I did a good turn!
(flips pancake over and catches it in pan). But you should see the mess in the
kitchen! (other Cubs look ashamed)

References / Source:
2003 Pirates of the Cirribean


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