Joses Dilemma
By: Longhorn Council Posted On: 2020-05-28

Assign the parts to 5 groups; everyone will respond to FIESTA with “Olé.

JOSE: I want to go MAMA: Take your sombrero
SOMBRERO: It’s too hot SISTER: Take me, Jose
BURRO: Hee-haw FIESTA (Everyone): Olé
Scene is a small town in Mexico, about 65 years ago.

JOSE was excited. It was almost time for the FIESTA parade. He was going with
his MAMA and SISTER. His father had already taken the BURRO and cart with a
load of goods for the market. “Hurry, JOSE,” called MAMA, “it’s time to go to the

Get your SOMBRERO and meet your SISTER outside.” JOSE looked all over the
house but he could not find his SOMBRERO. “SISTER,” he called, “have you
seen my SOMBRERO?” JOSE’s SISTER replied that she had not.

JOSE searched some more. He must have his SOMBRERO to attend the
FIESTA for the summer sun was very hot. “MAMA,” called JOSE, “have you seen

“Hmmm,” said MAMA, “I think I saw your father put it on our BURRO when he left
for market.” “Oh, no,” said JOSE, “the BURRO is wearing my SOMBRERO. I
cannot go to the fiesta.” And JOSE sat down, very defeated.

“What’s the matter?” asked his SISTER. “It’s time to go the FIESTA, but the
BURRO is in town wearing my SOMBRERO. I cannot go; the sun is too hot.” “I
know what to do,” said his SISTER, and off she ran. Soon she returned, and in
her hand was the answer to JOSE’s problem. It was yesterday’s newspaper. “Of
course,” exclaimed JOSE, “I can make a paper hat just like we did in Cub Scouts
last week!”

Soon the hat was made and JOSE, his SISTER, and MAMA left for the FIESTA.
But, when JOSE got to town, he was quick to find their BURRO and trade the
paper hat for his SOMBRERO, since it was more appropriate for the FIESTA.

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