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Pufferfish Pinata

Author:  Longhorn Council

• Newspaper Spoon
• Large balloon Paint
• Plastic bowl Paintbrush
• White craft glue Pin
• Water Candy/Toys
• Small drill Blindfold
• Wire or string Broom/stick

Note: this is a messy project, so prepare some workspace prior to starting.
Begin the project by tearing off long strips of newspaper, blowing up the balloon,
and mixing the white craft glue in the bowl with some water to make a thin paste.

(Try a mixture of half glue and half water to make the paste.)

Dip each strip of newspaper completely into the paste and place it on the balloon.
Continue this process until you have covered the entire balloon except for a small
hole in the bottom. Add 2 more layers, then let the newspaper dry overnight on
your piñata.

At this point, your piñata looks like a ball, but here’s how to make it look like a
spiny pufferfish. Tear the newspaper strips into smaller squares. Dip each square
into the paste. Roll the small squares into cones and press them onto the piñata.

These will be the spines of your pufferfish. Shape a tail with the newspaper, and
glue it onto the piñata at the opposite end of the hole.

Allow the piñata to dry completely, then paint it. When the paint has completely
dried, pop the balloon with a pin and fill the piñata with candy and small toys.
Plug the hole with a few crumpled sheets of newspaper. Complete the pufferfish
by rolling up some of the newspaper to form two lips. Glue the lips over the hole.
When dry, paint them.

Drill a couple of holes in the top of your piñata. Thread a wire or strong string
through the holes and hang it overhead. (If possible, hang it over a beam or on a
ceiling hook on a long rope so that it can be raised and lowered to adjust the
height.) One at a time, have children, while blindfolded, take swings at the
pufferfish to try and break the piñata and release the candy.

References / Source:
2003 Pirates of the Caribbean
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