Fiesta Pinata Ceremony Advancement Ceremony
By: Longhorn Council Posted On: 2020-06-10

(You’ll need a piñata, with the awards pinned or taped to it.)

Tonight, we are enjoying a real fiesta. Everyone is having fun, but there is a more
serious not to the festivities. Tonight, we also come here to honor some of the
boys in our pack. These boys have been working very hard during the past
month. As you can see, here we have a piñata, a very special piñata with several
awards attached.

First, let’s call up our new Bobcats (calls up boys and parents). You are just
beginning the Fiesta of Cub Scouting. I hope you will continue to have fun.
(Presents award to parents, who give to boy. Remember to pin Bobcat badge
upside down until the boy does a good turn. Give parent pins to boys to present
to parents.)

Next we have some Wolf Badges and Arrow Points to present. (Call up boys and
parents, again presenting badges to the parents to give to boys and parent pins
to boys for their parents.) These Scouts are well on their way—olé!

Look, here are some Bear Badges and Arrow Points. (Call up boys and parents
and make presentations and suitable comments.)

Oh, I see there are still some awards on our piñata. These must be for our
Webelos Scouts. Webelos Leader(s), would you please come forward and award
these pins and badges? (Webelos Leader(s) present awards with explanations,
as needed.)

Now we have come to the end. There are no more awards left on our piñata. But,
we have all had fun and learned much this month. Let’s give everyone who
earned an award the Fiesta cheer: “Olé!”

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